Michael Wolfe 


The fluidity of hot metal and my ability to control its movement was so exhilarating that

even after 28 years of hand forging it has not lost it's excitement. There is a magic thing that happens when you have a pair of tongs in one hand and a hammer in the other, and you remove the hot metal from the forge and place it on the anvil and hammer it into a piece of art.

Biographical Information

!n 1997, Mike Wolfe moved to an eight-acre farm and opened his doors as an full time architectural blacksmith. He had been working as an part time assistant to a blacksmith for eleven years while operating Precision Photographics Inc., a custom photographic laboratory. After twenty two years, and 36 employees, he sold the lab, and he now works in his studio, called "MWolfe Blacksmith", doing hand-forged and hand-fabricated ironwork.

He has been working on commissions since the day he started, forging railings, gates, and other metal work including hand-forged flowers.

Michael has always loved working with his hands. As a young man in junior high school

he had his first experience in wood and metal shop and, during those early years, he was involved as an amateur radio operator and was an Eagle Scout.  During his life in photography, he spent his evening hours returning to woodworking and woodturning that eventually evolved into his true love for metal work.

His enthusiasm and knowledge has led many people from varying backgrounds to Mike's studio on Park rd. He collaborates with architects, designers, contractors and many artists.

Mike is married to Nancy, a painter/educator; they have two adult children, Leslie and Eric, and three grand-children, Indigo, Antonia, and Andrew.